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? >> here. >> campos? >> absent. >> chiu? >> present. >> cohen? >> present. >> ferrill. >> present. >> commissioner kim? >> kim absent. >> commissioner mar? >> mar absent. >> commissioner tang? >> present. >> commissioner weiner? >> present. >> yee. >> present. >> commissioner kim. >> present. we have a quorum. >> item two, approve the minutes of the minutes of october, 22, 2013. this is action item. >> any comments on the minutes? >> seeing none, any member of the public like to comment, we will close public comment. and quickly, we will have a roll call vote. >> commissioner avalos? >> aye. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos >> absent. >> chiu? >> chiu, aye. >> cohen? >> aye. >> far ill. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar, absent. >> tang? >> aye. >> weiner? >> aye. >> commissioner yee? >> aye. >> that item passes. >> the item passes. >> the last page? madam clerk, could you call the next item. >> chair's report, this is an information item. >> good morning, colleagues, we have a very full agenda today with presentations on the water front transportation assessment, under items 11 and 12 a
file no. 130998. we have a staff presentation by justin true, legislative aide to supervisor david chiu. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, president adams, commissioners, [speaker not understood]. justin true, legislative aide to supervisor david chiu. i introduced this ordinance a little while ago after working with the planning department on t. at the most basic level this ordinance implements state law that took effect earlier this year and is called the cottage food ordinance because we're not selling cottage cheese or anything about cottages. it's about a small operation, small food making operation being allowed to exist in residential areas as an accessory use. the provisions that allow this to exist are defined pretty clearly in state law. the city had some -- has some options in terms of how we're implementing it. this is what the planning department recommends. this item is at the planning commission this thursday. most specifically, the cottage food ordinance that's proposed allows for the sale -- for the production and sale of certain foodstuffs out of the home in a sp
>> present. >> chiu. >> present. >> supervisor farrell? >> present. >> supervisor kim? >> kim absent. supervisor mar, mar present. >> supervisor tang. >> present. >> tang, present. >> supervisor wiener, wiener present. supervisor yee, yee present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. (pledge of allegiance). >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues, we have up to the 22nd, 2013 board minute meetings, motion by supervisor mar, second by supervisor breed, they are approved. madam clerk, any communications? >> no communications today. >> can you read our 2 p.m. special order. >> it is the policy discussion between mayor edwin lea representing the odd districts, distributes 1 and 3, the board may address initially up to 3 minutes, the supervisor will present their own question to the mayor, follow-up questions are in order, five minutes per supervisor. >> mr. mayor, welcome back to the boerp
? >> on items 36z through 44 had, supervisor breed, aye. supervisor cam bows? aye. supervisor chiu, aye. supervisor cohen, cohen, aye. supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor k*im, kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang? aye. supervisor wiener, aye, supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos? avalos, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> madam clerk, can you read the in memoriam >> >> today's meeting will be adjourned by the memory of the beloved individual, on supervisor cohen, dpr the late officer michael howard. sxfrjts do we have anymore business in front of the board. >> that concludes our business before the board today, mr. president. >> we hope everyone has a wonderful thank giving. we are adjourned before the board. (gavel). (meeting is adjourned). >> good morning, today is tuesday, november 26th, 2013, welcome to the san francisco county, transportation authority, my name is john avalos the chair of the authority. and our clerk today is erika cheng and we are broadcast today by sfgtv staff. and thank you for your service. madam clerk, could you please call the roll. >> roll call. >> comm
by supervisor ferrel, president chiu. >> thank you colleagues. like supervisor wiener we all have sympathy for the appellant. this is challenging and something we've all thought about. that being said, i want to reiterate what the secretary of standard for this appeal is we can consider a fee waiver if it's not going to affect the impact of the development and the fee charges. in other words if we were to find an instance in this situation which is the first of four appeals that are coming down the pike on this issue, that there is not a relationship or nexus, i think we are setting ourselves up for a very challenging standard in the future. that i'm concerned could undermine the entire program that we had legislated some months go. as the deputy city attorney indicated we can't just wave this on hardship. because of that, i unfortunately will not be supporting supervisor wiener's motion for that reason. i do hope there are other ways for us to address this. i know supervisor avalos and kimberly asked if there was other ways to assist this $8,000 fee on a $1.8 million property which is ow
minutes and president chiu. so (calling names) and then if there's other cards as well as beverly upton >> hello, i'm elaine turning i came here to thank you today. i'm so appreciate that you are here to try to help us. we are desperate. thank you. >> i'm living in the same building as elaine i've been there thirty years we're are total of 6 unit being evicted on the 5 hundred block of lombard and innovate fourteen unit 0 that's 20 units on our street alone. on the 5 hundred block of cellist nut street we have february and april and july. the gentleman that i know in the cellist nut address is a 78 italian whose lived under thirty years and we call it italian city. how do we push out our italians and have a flavor and identify a sense of community. we are a total of 26 people that i know of for sure who are living within a block and a half all within a 6 month period to - the destruction is certainly losing our neighbors and so i'm - it would be wonderful if the preference can also be in one's own neighborhood so the neighborhood isn't destroyed but whatever can be done to assure us a
, the resolution before us addresses the need for transparency. i want to thank supervisor chiu and supervisor chiu. at the it's important apparent than ever lack ever transparency let's people know where they can get health care for. when people need medication and so forth people are paying higher insurance and co-pay and premiums. we have why'd what we're paying for were one of the charters she's that prices have grown a dozen eggs would cost via dollars and a cartoon of erroneously would cost a lot. if trends continue the i've never seen out-of-pocket will average 50 percent of payrolls. so for all the money wore paying we're not getting healthier. as a member of the height services board i have come to realize how health care is. the resolution before you asks the board of supervisors to establish full and cost transparency in the publics interest. i'll tell you my colleagues, we have drafts from the city attorney's office. and prices transparency in the health care market is essential to encourage consolidations for the quality of care. recently the increases traentd health for san franciscan
level. supervisor chiu has long been interested in these issues. he carried a urban agricultural legislation in 2011 and looks forward to carrying further ag legislation when additional state law changes in the near future. the legislation also makes two changes related to accessory uses more generally. accessory uses essentially -- the secondary use, aside from whatever the primary and essential use of a particular site s in a residential situation, the accessory use in this instance would be cottage food. the other two general accessory use changes are extending the floor area allowed from quarter to a third. this is planning department's estimation of what is a more reasonable amount. particularly with cottage food, there was consideration of exempting the kitchen or having half the kitchen count. instead to make it cleaner and easier to enforce they're going with this recommendation of a third, a third of the square footage. and additionally right now, accessory use [speaker not understood] only apply in certain zoning districts. not including, for example, pdr and the planni
chiu to allow the food to increase it from one quarter to 1/3rd of the unit. and the controls for the zoning district. the purpose of the proposed ordinance is to bring it into state law. it passed the cottage food act when regulates the home kitchens for food for sale. it became mandated and says a city can't prohibit food operations. it gave him the city 3 options. including the classifying the cf those with reasonable standards and to review the permits. the department believes this the best course of action is protects the quality of life in residential neighborhood it makes this a use that elements the use for permits, however, the cottage operations are required to get a permit from the health department. there has been some concern about the $133 permit foe. when the dwp issues the permit for food operation their signing off on the use for that location. it should be sent to the board for review to us. the referral allows the planning department to make sure it's within a legal dwelling unit. it also allows us to cope the reported that the lease it legally permitted. th
now we are fully in support of this legislation. thank you supervisor chiu and co-sponsors >> next speaker . >> i want to say i support david choosing legislation. i don't see how a city can function when only 10 percent can afford to live in the city. i wish you a lot of lucky think you will succeed thank you >> next speaker >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i'm mrs. lee i'm here today because you know i was also a victim of ellis eviction. my landlord used the outlines to evict me i found a place to live with my family. i'm glad for the community support and the city government and also the board of supervisors. i'm really here today to not talk about myself but those still out there still being evicted and displaced. i recommend and suggest that in the city we really need to think and to look deeply in how to address the eviction issue. for a lot of people that applied for the applications those are people we need to think about because when it comes down to it i don't believe the ellis act should be used by landlord as a way to evict tenant. in particular our city w
. supervisor chiu, chiu, aye. supervisor cohen? cohen, aye, supervisor farrell? farrell, aye. k*im, no, supervisor mar, mar, aye. supervisor tang, tang, aye. supervisor wiener, wiener, aye. supervisor yee, aye, supervisor avalos, there are 10 ayes, one no. >> the resolution is adopted as amended. item 13. >> item 13 is an ordinance to retroactively authorize the office of economic and workforce development to accept and expand a grant in the amount of 500 thousand dollars for the mission bay south plan first source hiring program and amending ordinance fiscal years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 to reflect addition of two class 9704 employment and training specialists iii positions and one class 2992 contract compliance. >> roll call vo*et. >> on item 13, breed, aye, supervisor campos, aye, supervisor chiu, chiu, aye, supervise core cohen, cohen, aye. supervise core farrell, aye, supervisor k*im, k im, aye. supervisor mar, mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. wiener, aye, supervisor yee, yee, aye. supervisor avalos, there are 11 ayes. >> the ordinance is passed in the first reading, item 14. >> it
, table 20, 21, supervisor breed, breed, aye. supervisor campos, aye. supervisor chiu, chiu, aye. supervisor cohen? cohen, aye. soupz soar farrell, no, supervisor k*im, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, no. supervisor yee, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. there are 9 aye and is 2 knows's, the motion is approved to deny the appeal. >> item 22 through 25 compromise the public hearing of persons interested in the appeal of application of condominium conversion fee for a property located at 124-5th avenue, apartment number 2 and items 26 through 29 compromise the public hearing of persons interested in the appeal for a reduction of the condominium conversion fee for apartment number 5. item 23 is the motion denying the appeal for apartment number 2. items 24 and 25 st motion approving the appeal and the motion directing the preparation of findings for apartment number 2 and items 27 is the motion denying the appeal for apartment number 5 and items 28 and 29 is the motion approving the appeal for apartment 5. >> colleagues, as we have stated with the last
, president chiu, i want to acknowledge that it's been a pleasure working on this, the staff of the california academy of science and is we have with this the general manager and kevin, monalele that have been wonderful to work with. the academy of sciences is beginning tomorrow, it is the season for science exhibit, but this is a project that is a low profiled structure which includes a cafe, it isn't really an expansion of the site but replacement of a temporary structure with a perm nept and attractive building, it allows us to see this sculpture that's hanging like floating like a cloud above it, it's called where land meets the sea and it will be much more visible with this new structure. the project will enrich the experience hosting the academy which lists countless families, not only from district 1 but throughout the city, i want to thank the land use submit tee for its unanimous support of this. i'll be out there tomorrow for the opening oftys the season for science exhibits, and i wanted to thank kevin and ike for this whole project, i urge your support. >> can we take this item in-
david chiu and supervisor mar farrell. both supervisors along with david campos were the 3 who helped new york state the final all the time to move this project forward. we appreciate the dedication of each of you to final approval. also, we can't precede without acknowledging one person who was vitality to the success of our project lou. he lead a series of very frank and positive productive discussion that helped to move forward this project and his help in this process and his service to the city of san francisco is appreciated. jude i didn't say here. she would and bralthd this project and helped guide itself internal process thank you very much jude i didn't were i want to thank dr. warren your leadership and commitment kept driving us to build two new world-class hospitals in san francisco. thank you for keeping us on track. we're working very closely with city bills and the construction administration professional service academy to build hospital construction jobs. we're dedicated and committed to san francisco and look forward to working with all the trades to augment our con
who is not in on the graph. most of the people in this room know that, david chiu had me arrested in september of 201 1. i have been doing this for a number of years. for those that are knew it comes as a complete shock to learn how antidemocratic and how dishonest the graph of city hall are. city hall has become a marketplace where public officials trade public assets for some benefits to their careers. what is happening in the public library is an example to every city department. every city wants a friends group because it's the rich instead of the many. the virtues of the city's assets causes real harm to people. david chiu's decision to arrest me cost the law. >> members of the board, ray -- thus the state never intentionally confronts a man's sense intellectual or moral but on the his body. it is with superior physical strength. i was not born to be forced. i will breathe after my own fashion. let us see who is the strongest. what you see on the screen, is a letter that is september to the san francisco bay guardian. i'm here to talk about the letter. after it was found to
, aye, campos, no, supervisor chiu, aye, supervisor cohen, no. supervisor ferrel, aye, supervisor kim, no, supervisor mar, no, supervisor tang, aye, supervisor wiener, aye. there are 6 ayes and 5 was nos. >> the mitigation is affirmed. we have a lot of items in front of us. i suggest we go briefly to columns. there are a lot of people waiting to hear our discussion. please call item 14. >> 130799. >> [roll call vote taken] supervisor breed, aye, campos, aye, supervisor chiu, aye, supervisor cohen, aye, ferrel aye, kim aye, supervisor mar, aye, tang aye, supervisor wiener. ordinance is passed. item 15: 130937 administrative code film production daily use fees film rebate program. ordinance amending the administrative to code to reduce daily use fee for film productions. >> supervisor ferrel. thank you. i want to thank the supervise for your support in this measure. there is a number of productions applying for the number of rebates that continue to rise. the film media program always been about jobs in san francisco and by supporting our arts in the community as our technology communi
commissioner chiu's office if you have any questions >> any public comment on this item? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> i have a few questions. in our case report it goes so what great detail about the fact we have a problem with obesity in our country. we don't have any sort of guarantee that the type of food will be healthy food >> you're right we don't. that was a direct quote from the states digestion for passing the law >> okay. well, i know that's part of the state law but i think we're presuming we're going to get a better quality of food. the other thing right now if i understand it credible certain districts it's allowed to occur in the c m and p d record is but not commercial. if we're allowing up to i think it's a third of the square footage to be used in this production didn't that tend to cut down on the housing. we had this robust discussion about housing needs. i'm not sure we are going to have a huge you number of those things occurring but if it's used to food production can't be used for housing bedrooms would be eliminated. that
the division of parking meter and president chiu is the author of this measure. >> is that working now? >> you might want to turn it off. >> great this is a measure that i'm carrying at the request of the department to a state law that needs to go both effect jan marcason could you please present. >> good afternoon sxhirgz janet mary ton from mta. the ordinance will revise a overnight parking at the meters. we need this local amendment to come into inclination assembly bill was signed into law by the governor when it goes to o into effective it will change the mta to permit vehicles to park up to the meter time limit in any space regulated by an inoperational parking meters. they've been installed in excess of two hours. so currently, the maximum time for a broken parking meter is two hours and otherwise up to an hour. with a new state laws it will be prbld for parking at the meter for less than is time but we need to look at this transportation code to be amended to provide the provision of two hour time limit at any meter thank you if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answ
and statewide and a country you wide vicious. please welcome president chiu (clapping) >> what is great day. (clapping) i am honored to help represent the board of supervisors that included a man who was looking upon us today. at the top of those stairs is a statute a bust of a man named harvey milks (clapping) and harvey milk told us we had to have hope and that hope lives on today. (clapping) i want to take a moment just to - if everyone could look at the beauty of this crowd. everyone in this room came in here because san francisco has been a beacon of hope. i sat on the board when the law was made and a today, our supreme court has struck that allowing law down (clapping) >> today, the supreme court has said our lgbt brothers and sisters have a right to the pursuit of marriage equality. so goes san francisco and so goes california so goes the country. thank you for being here (clapping) i agree with president chiu but since i'm here i don't want any more people from hate coming. i really want to give a warm welcome to supervisor david campos who has led on some many issues. supervisor
. >> president chiu? >> colleagues, i know many of us have been working on a number of ideas and proposals to address our current affordability crisis with skyrocket evictions and many working families that are at risk of being driven out of san francisco, i want to thank my co-sponsors for the legislation that we are considering today to help tenants due to the ellis act. the ellis act has been interpreted broadly to allow landlords to evict tenants to go out of the rental business, but we have seen a sharp increase in ellis act findings, a number of months back, the eviction of the leaf family in the heart of my district, two seniors and their adult daughter who had been evicted out of their home of 30 year, when i started speaking to the leaf family, i think we all realized that while we could not necessarily stop ellis act evictions at least at the local level, we all started thinking about things we could do to assist our most vulnerable residents from getting pushed out of their homes. this would allow tenants who have occupied their apartments for more than 10 years and have receive
to [inaudible] on-site as they construct market rate housing? >> thank you, president chiu for your question, and certainly i will currently -- currently 20% of what is being built in the city is permanently affordable housing for our low-income households and working class families. as you know, supervisor, over broadway is helping to develop 75 new permanently affordable homes for low-income families, i can report to all of you that the concrete podium is already up on that site. down on ocean street and supervisor yee's district in the shadow of city college, a crane is lifting material that will build 71 new homes for low-income families and transitional age youth. in the mid market area, st. anthony's the building 90 new homes for low-income seniors and in the [inaudible] market area in second and harrison street, the kasanagus project, housing will open in december for homeless youths, these are a few site that is are permanently affordable and currently under construction. yet these projects are not funded by the housing trust fund. however, we could not be able to produce projects li
you, president chiu. i just wanted to thank supervisor avalos for bringing these amendments forward and also for the budget committee working through this with director ris k*en. the amendments makes it -- i'll be supporting the amendments, it makes it clear what these meters are for and like most of my colleagues, if not all, i'm concerned -- i would have been concerned if it were 10 thousand meters and not knowing where these meters would be placed, like some of my colleagues here, i don't want to be surprised one morning and wake up and there's like about a mile of meters in my district, and i also appreciate the flexibility of director ris k*en and all this and working with the board here. i also like supervisor wiener appreciate that we're going to move forward with this by using some of the modern technologies available to make it easier for the users to pay for their meters, so thank you very much. >> supervisor campos? >> thank you, mr. president. i had a quick question, but before i ask that question, i want to thank director ris k*en and his staff and my colleagues and in
and is filed. this matter is now in the andover the board, supervisor farrell? >> thank you, president chiu. and i want to thank dpw for going through this process and for the appellant for coming forward in my district, just more than anything, i think to continue this consistency sake, understand that this is not going to be a winning vote, but i think to me, this is the law of unintended consequences, again, we have someone who's in a more dire economic situation and in particular because this is a six unit tic building being kind of quasi forced to convert where they are no longer eligible for the process, these are exactly the people i believe we need to support. i realize there's not the general sentiment here on the board but i will be supporting the resident from district 2 and so but given that, maybe someone else can make the motion because i know it's not going to be a winner here today. >> okay, is there someone who could make the motion? supervisor breed? >> okay, let me just make sure we're at the right place. this is item number 27, correct? >> it is both item 23 through 25 a
district but i am sure that supervisor chiu and cohen are concerned as well, and something that the city needs to take a closer look at. >> would i like to continue to examine how we identify the funding for these project and i am very interested in the video enforcement because that is not putting officers out on the streets and in the recent visits to korea i was struck that they had 300 cameras that just do parking traffic and traffic parking enforcement throughout the city and while the traffic continues to move slowly t moves and that is something that i am very interested in pursuing and i am interested in congestion pricing and we need to have a discussion on that and last alooking at the tep and seeing how we can expand the lines beyond second street to address all of the residents that we have living in that part of town. but i do appreciate all of the commissioners time and all of the department's time, and i know that everyone believes that this is an incredibly important issue and look forward to continue to work on this with you and of course our residents. >> thank you, mr.
'll finish with the departments 3 recommend modification. a gentleman from supervisor chiu off or when they arrives 53 she can speak. san francisco affordable housing programs are defined in the planning code. an affordable housing are for lotteries. they occur for new developments and as unit become available for resale or rental as tenants leave. currently there is one existing preference program for occupying units. the first currently tenant; right who are displaced in the hunter point through the city's redevelopment programs have lotteries for affordability. those folks are given certifies of preference and when people are interested in occupying the units there's a lottery held for the certify holder. after unit have been looked a second lottery is conducted for the remaining units. in the exiting program for the preference holder is small it is just over 3 thousand lottery planters for the new building 17 applicant were hordes. after the preference for the co p holders the new preference is for applicants eligible for the housing who were evicted pr tenants must live in the uni
of supervisors had. i want to thank my colleagues there board president chiu and mark farrell and david campos urging their personal time as well as their time on the broadway board to lead the effort along with our office and ken rich who's working and lou interrad continues to make sure the communications are open. your colleagues will labor unavailable in all reporters. as we're excited about getting the site going i want to make sure we signal as any other project that the workers safety also begins right now with the demolition and we want this site to be safe because it will be occupied by nurses and decreases working together while we build this we want every life to be safe. i want to signal to the community and i know good friends like randy are here because we saw the connection with had this very close commit community. we've gotten the first check under sutter that represents a healthy investment. housing, transportation, pedestrian safety, and, of course, the thousands of medical lives and a medi-cal and hospital patient lives that will be improved because of the commitments that
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 298 (some duplicates have been removed)